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Belly of the Beast

Belly of the Beast is an exhibition by Emanuel Rohss staged at the Gothenburg Museum of Art from 12/04/2021 - 03/20/2022. The show was produced with the support from the Sten A Ohlsson Foundation for Research and Culture from which Rohss was the single recipient of the visual art award in 2021. The project attempts to unite extensive research on the binary relationship between Frank Lloyd Wright’s 1920’s Los Angeles architecture and their role in Hollywood Cinema and TV. The central work in the exhibition is the recent essay film Monster Dialectics that aims to unpack the architects psychological trauma and its reverberance in the many fictions that have utilized his buildings as dramatic devices. The film is framed by an installation in the form of a deconstructed stage set, in part based directly on Wright’s textile blocks, in part on architectural elements from the 1923 building named Minneshallen in the Jubilee Exposition in Gothenburg from the same year. An adjacent section of the show deals with notions of time and transience. The recorded seismic activity in California’s recent history serve as point of departure in a sound and light piece titled Earth Song. The work aims to make a fragment of geological time somewhat tangible and serve as a reminder of Earth’s constant mutability.